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Student Stories

"I have wanted to take a course like this one ever since completing the Fellowship. Talking with patients in a coaching style is such a shift from what I was taught in medical school, and I wish I'd learned these techniques a long time ago. I love my practice coaching sessions, and I am wondering now about transitioning to coaching full-time!"

Jenny Wares, MD, IH Coaching 2015 Summer & Fellowship 2012 Alum

The coaching program has helped to fill a void in communicating with the patients. As an MD and surgeon I have been trained to primarily use a 'directing' approach in counseling patients. Coaching has allowed me to use a different approach that gives the patient or 'coaching partner' the directing role. It has been transformational and really satisfying to see patients become energized by their own revelations and discovery. It has enhanced my ability to become a part of the patient experience in a nonjudgmental and guiding manner. I think that anyone who is interested in empowering the patient rather than simply directing the patient in terms of getting them back on the path of good health and beginning to incorporate health promoting behaviors within their lives, I think would be a great candidate for the program.

Stephanie Marioneaux, MD, IH Coaching 2015 Summer & Fellowship 2013 Winter Alum

"As a Registered Dietitian, I was drawn to this program because I was looking for new ways to enhance my counseling skills. For 20 years, I used the approach with clients 'eat this', 'don't eat that' and that doesn't work with all clients. I also know that from working with clients, there is more than just nutrition that affect their overall health and will affect their diet. So i was looking for a program that would bring in many core areas of health, all in one package. IHC is a relatively new program that allows the healthcare practitioner to partner with the client. To find out why they want to make these behavior changes, and what motivates them to make these particular changes.I would recommend this program. I think that this is a great program for any healthcare provider who wants to partner with clients to help them make behavior changes."

Valerie Kogut, RD, IH Coaching Class of 2015 Summer & IHeLp 2014 Summer Alum

"It's made me realize that to learn to use reflective listening or affirmations or MI is a whole new way to communicate and one that I've never really been exposed to. I am kind of blown away with everything I've learned so far. One of the most rewarding things I've found with this program is our time together, where we are online with our peers and a mentor, and we are actually practicing these skills. I think that is so rewarding and the value of the feedback you get and when you are practicing it and doing it in real life with coaching partners is very helpful."

Allison Jones, BSN, RN, IH Coaching Class of 2015 Summer & IHeLp 2014 Summer Alum

"The coaching program has given me more depth in understanding where the patient/client is coming from and how to use that knowledge in helping people change. It has also given me a better foundation to actually use motivational interviewing in an everyday setting. I really understand now what Robert (Rhode) meant when he said 'get on the bus' with the client."

Johnette Routh APRN, FNP-BC, IH Coaching 2015 Summer & Fellowship 2012 Alum

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