Program Prerequisite

  • The Wellness and Lifestyle Series is a required course for all coaching applicants. The series gives you a Certificate of Completion and provides a foundation in integrative health.
  • *No Prerequisite Required: Andrew Weil Center Alumni: Integrative Health & Lifestyle program, IM Fellowship, or IM Residency training.
  • *Shortened Prerequisite: for those who have completed an equivalent program as our alumni or are a naturopathic physician.

What You Will Learn

Learn through a combination of online curriculum, live faculty-led virtual sessions, self-care activities, mentor-supervised small teams, and 1:1 coaching practices.

  • Learn to approach clients/patients as partners in health and wellness.
  • Become proficient in motivational interviewing and goal-setting/attainment skills to empower clients/patients to achieve sustainable and transformational lifestyle changes successfully.
  • Attain a knowledge and understanding of applied coaching theory to work independently or in a team environment.
  • Demonstrate the required level of coaching skill and proficiency in a classroom environment and with actual clients/patients.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply integrative health and wellness knowledge when working with clients/patients in a health or wellness coaching capacity.
Coaching Curriculum Overview
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