The Integrative Medicine in Residency curriculum is revised annually to provide up-to-date evidence-based integrative medicine content. IMR also provides in-course links to relevant, evidence-based, peer-reviewed publications through Pub-Med and incorporates novel online interactive teaching strategies as well as in person activities for residents. IMR strengthens the residency curriculum and fills gaps in conventional Graduate Medical Education through courses such as:

  • Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals, Botanicals, and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Interprofessional Wellbeing (meets many ACGME common program requirements for assessment and education)
  • Integrative Approaches to Pain Management
  • Mind-Body techniques and tools
  • Emphasizes lifestyle and wellness interventions that are a core tenet of integrative medicine.
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Easily integrated into any residency curriculum, the Integrative Medicine in Residency Program blends online learning with hands-on activities. Residents and faculty enjoy continuous support, 24-hour access, and integrated real-time evaluation tools, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible program.