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Fellowship Tuition and Scholarships

The Fellowship in Integrative Medicine tuition covers online courses, immersive weeks, and faculty interaction. Scholarships and payment plans are available.

Health Coach Certification Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition covers online curriculum, mentor-supervised video sessions, and faculty-led virtual training. Scholarships are available for this career-transforming certification program.

Health and Wellness Programs Tuition and Costs

Discover tuition for two six-month health and wellness lifestyle series: one interprofessional and mostly online, and the other fully online for health professionals and wellness enthusiasts.

Invest in Integrative Medicine

Investment and Financial Details

Forge a transformative journey in life and career through hands-on integrative medicine training, leading to success in patient and client care.

Scholarships and Payment Plans

Discover financing options including payment plans and scholarships to support your future in integrative medicine.


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You Belong in Integrative Medicine

Join 5,000+ global innovators revolutionizing healthcare with whole person methods and integrative medicine

Integrative medicine prioritizes holistic wellbeing, focusing on lifestyle factors, fostering a healing practitioner-patient relationship, and utilizing diverse therapies for comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare and improved outcomes.