Integrative Medicine Fellowship in Residency

Integrative Medicine Fellowship in Residency (IMFR), formerly Integrative Family Medicine (IFM), was the first comprehensive effort to bring an integrative medicine curriculum into the conventional training experience of physicians. Initiated in 2003, IFM/IMFR is a four or five-year residency training model. In 2003 it was originally funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education.

Over the last several years, it has been funded by the residency programs themselves.

It combines comprehensive training in integrative medicine through participation in the fellowship with the traditional residency and it usually adds a year to the length of training.

To date over 50 fellows have graduated from the six pilot sites, several articles have been published describing results of the program, and an additional university has joined the model.


For more information on IMFR:

Current partner institutions:

  • Maine Medical Center Family Practice Residency
  • Middlesex Hospital Family Practice Residency Program
  • University of Arizona Family Practice Residency
  • Stamford Connecticut accepts from a variety of Primary Care Residency Programs
  • Northwestern University Family Practice Residency

Integrative Medicine Fellowship in Residency is now open to new residency program sites who wish to create a fellowship track in their residency program. In addition to Family Medicine it can be integrated into Pediatrics, OBGYN, Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Psychiatry residencies.